This month I’ve made a slight change to my usual ‘Photo Stories’ feature. Instead of introducing you lovely lot to someone I’ve been lucky enough to work with, I figured now would be a great opportunity to introduce you all properly to the creator and face behind the camera of The Dog Tales business…ME!!!

But who is me? And what am I all about you ask?
Well let’s start off with saying, ‘Hi, my name’s Frankie and I am so overwhelmed with the idea of having others, like yourselves, read and follow my Instagram account. It’s crazy to think that other people actually like my photography…like over 450 of you, so thank you very much. It means the world to me.’
Okay enough of the niceties, lets get down to the nitty gritty…
Helen aka Hounds of Love and her morning gang on the Heath. Duchess, Harley & Pebbles.

(Left) Me as a bambino. (Right) Me now…STILL rocking the same hair but with a bigger nose haha!!!

-So tell us a bit about yourself Frankie…

Okay, so I’m a 31 year old female photographer from London, who specialises in photographing dogs. I take great pride in capturing canine personalties in their truest form, resulting in a very raw and pure documentary style of portraiture. You won’t get any tricks, treats or squeaky toy coaxing from me; spontaneity and first impressions is what I live for!

Why photograph dogs?

For as long as I can remember I have always been around animals, be it a pet hamster, rabbit or even a stray cat I had befriended on a summer holiday. However, dogs were the big influence in my life growing up. They made me feel wholesome, loved, grounded and understood somehow. 
As a very shy child our family dogs were a solace of calm and comfort for me, no judgements or anxiety were ever present; just unconditional love, warmth and companionship. I truly believe that if humans could learn anything from animals, it would be how to love one another for who we all really are without ANY prejudice. Photographing dogs only seems fair in my eyes as a means of returning that love. Let’s face it we have all thought at least once (well I know I have) if ONLY dogs and other animals could talk – what a marvel that would be. My photography IS that possibility…what I capture is an encounter; a conversation between the subject and photographer.
Harley getting all the tummy rubs.

My love for animals has been a BIG part of life, here I am with some of my childhood and adulthood pets.

Have you always been a photographer?

Yes and no! I have always been extremely creative but I didn’t really pick up a camera until I was 17 years old when I went to art college. I enrolled on a photography class one year and finally discovered a medium that best expressed my creativity. I then went onto University where I studied and learnt about all the great photographers of our time like, Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dorothea Lange, Diane Arbus, Elliott Erwitt, Richard Avedon, and Irving Penn to name but a few. A thick, bombardment of daunting never-ending talent, which always made me, and still do to this day, doubt if I could EVER get to be as good or even achieve the tiniest slither of success like they have.
The ball obsessed, mucky pup that is Pebbles.

(Left) Henri Carter-Bresson. (Right) Richard Avedon.

Can’t help but get lost in the eyes of Duchess.

(Left) Diane Arbus. (Right) Edward Weston.

After university I jumped straight into work…not the work I dreamed of though. University created a mirage of the big wide world for photographers. Here, I was expecting to be booked to photograph Vogue fashion campaigns and all sorts but instead, I was working in studios clearing up after those Vogue shoots as of course no-one had a clue who I was – a big reality check!

However, on one particularly normal mundane day at the studios, a photographer came in, going by the name of Rick Guest…(who to me should be knighted and called Sir Rick Guest considering his life long work and contribution within the photographic industry.) This man literally turned the light back on for me after 2years of studio assisting and made me think anything was, and is, possible. His kindness, humour and knowledge about absolutely everything and anything was infectious and he soon became my boss. For 9 wholesome years I would assist him, full time, as his first assistant, helping him on shoots that I could only dream of being a part of. So many amazing life experiences and lessons learnt in life and photography were treasured and collected over those years.

“Sir” Rick Guest

Pebbles making a splash whilst Duchess drools on.
Pebbles making a splash whilst Duchess drools on.

Examples of Rick’s photography skills.

-So what did you get up to as Rick Guest’s assistant?

 Goodness, so much! The work load was constant; from back to back shoots in London, to shoots up high in the mountains of Colorado, to backstage concerts in Baku, to world famous footballers in Madrid. You name it Rick probably shot it! It was work like I’ve never experienced before! I felt extremely privileged to see, travel and work around the world and be a part of some exceptional photography. I learnt so so much – everyday was something new and I met so many fantastic people who have become friends along the way. It was because of those many jobs away from home that I first started taking photos for The Dog Tales. At the start I didn’t think anything would come of it, but over time my passion for these portraits began to take precedence…it was then that I knew that I wanted The Dog Tales to become a something!!!

After the fun was over it was time to go home.

Fond memories of being an assistant…this is only a few.

After the fun was over it was time to go home.

(Centre Left) An Exhibition Poster. (Centre Right) The Dog Tales Logo. (Surrounding Images) Some photos from The Dog Tales as well as some exhibition shots.

To become ‘a something’?

Yes; a business, a purpose, my day job, my life! I made the decision to leave my full time job as an assistant in early March, 2020 JUST before the gargantuan reality of the pandemic hit. Some would say what rotten luck with the timing of such a decision however, I feel like it’s been a bit of a blessing in disguise, a kick up the bum as such. I mean when else am I going to be comfortable enough to leave a job I’ve enjoyed doing for so many years with a steady income and turn my efforts into creating a business?! The truthful answer is never really as I’d be too scared to but this way, with the pandemic, I was forced to focus ALL my attention to try just that and take the plunge! Now don’t get me wrong, trying to start a business, especially during a pandemic, isn’t easy but you know what, I’m giving it all I’ve got!

-So what’s next for The Dog Tales enterprise?

EXPOSURE!!! And the more the better. I’m just simply trying (actually wish it was a simple thing) to get it out there into the big wide world and spread the word that The Dog Tales exists. For far too long now it has been an idea thought up in my head. Now is the time to put all my efforts into getting people to see it and take it seriously. I have battled with myself on numerous occasions about the purpose of this business and what I’m aiming to achieve; it basically all comes down to this….
For years now, dog photography has always been a tongue-in-cheek, cutesy wootsy, over-saturated industry that, in my opinion, has never been taken that seriously. The lack of skill and knowledge of taking a good photograph of a dog has been all but tainted by an ever growing market of supposedly ‘professional dog photographers’. I mean you only need to search the hashtag #dogphotography and see the 10.5million images (at the time of writing this) that come up! This cute and adorable approach is also apparent across the entire dog industry as a WHOLE…I want The Dog Tales to challenge it.
I want to redefine and radically re-brand the dog industry ideals; our beloved dogs deserve to be taken seriously don’t they?! Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing dog photographers and images out there, but our canine friends have so many more stories to tell that aren’t just about being “cute”; they have different sides, moods and emotions and these are what I want the world to see. Now I know this is no easy fleet…good things take their time to manifest and grow but I’m here for the long run.


-Wow! Big statement and challenge but exciting nonetheless. So finally, where do you see The Dog Tales in 5years time?
Well, hopefully I will have made some sort of dent by then and my reputation of change within the industry will be live and kicking. I would love to be working with more like minded brands, artists, companies and charities that hold the same values as me and The Dog Tales, as well as many more dog owners who want to capture their dogs true self. It’s time to give back to our dogs what they give to us. It’s true what they say, a dog is for life – what better way to honour them than capturing them in all their glory! 


If you’re now thinking to yourself…‘Damn I would LOVE for Frankie to photograph my dog!’

Then please do, head on over to my services page for more details on how to do so OR feel free to email me